East Pilgrim Street

120,000 sq ft
Mixed use

Pilgrim Street is a key quarter of Newcastle’s urban core and is one of the most strategically important city centre regeneration areas in the north of England. 

The three-phase transformational development will deliver over 400,000 sq ft of office and retail space and will revitalise the area, bringing new life to existing listed buildings and complementing those with major new development within a comprehensive masterplan that will deliver substantial public realm improvements, together with the creation of a connected series of new public spaces which expand the pedestrianisation of the city’s core. 

The project covers three city blocks along the eastern side of Pilgrim Street; Pilgrim’s Quarter to the north, the old Fire and Police station to the centre of the street and Pilgrim Place to the south which will provide a vibrant mix of uses including retail, leisure, hotel, residential, workspace, restaurants, cafes and bars.  

HM Revenue and Customs recently announced the opening of its regional centre on the Pilgrim Street development as part of the Government Hub network, accommodating approximately 9,000 HMRC staff. The Newcastle building will be the largest of HMRC’s 13 regional centres, at 43,000m2 and marks an important step in the department’s wider transformation agenda.

Bank House, built on the site of the former Bank of England on the Pilgrim Street site, has recently reached a key milestone with the completion of the building’s central core. Set to complete in 2023, Bank House will provide a best-in-class workplace and will be the first high-rise office space in Newcastle city centre.

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