Data knowledge: Shaping buildings and cities of the future

Thursday 14 March 2019 09:30-10:15 Invest Newcastle Stand, C.19

Successful cities provide opportunity and amenity – from which stem innovation and entrepreneurship, jobs and economic vitality, learning, recreation, social care, artistic creativity and cultural richness. These benefits are enabled by social and physical infrastructure systems that are closely integrated and mutually reinforcing – a joined-up system of systems.

This session will look at future uncertainty – be it from changing lifestyle choices, technological advances or threats such as climate change – through the lens of systems thinking, including how this is enabled by the digital revolution. It will be split into two key parts. A presentation will explore how a focus on improved outcomes for citizens can form the common thread in the search for long-term environmental, social and economic resilience in the face of change. Secondly, a question and answer session will see leading built environment proponents, from both public sector and business, answering questions and discussing how working together can strengthen the outlook for our cities and citizens.

Key speakers:

  • Phil Redman, Area Director, Mott MacDonald
  • Clare Wildfire, Global Practice Leader for Cities,  Mott MacDonald
  • Ben Rodgers, Head of Regeneration, Legal and General
  • Kirsten Lees, Managing Partner, Grimshaws
  • James Middling, Global Head of Sports and Events, Mott MacDonald
  • Tom Warburton, Acting Director of Inclusive Economy, North of Tyne Combined Authority

In partnership with Mott Macdonald.