Longevity Cities – A Global Investment Opportunity

Wednesday 16 March 2022 13:30-14:15

Invest Newcastle, Stand C19.C

How can cities rethink the urban environment, invest and support communities to be Longevity Society Ready?  Newcastle, UK is leading the way – with a vision and strategic vocation to be the global epicentre of healthy longevity.

Why Longevity Cities?

2.1 billion people are projected to be over 60 by 2030, and nearly 70% of the world’s population live in cities – there are huge global growth and investment opportunities arising from longevity economies, encompassing all sectors as powerful engines for economic recovery and growth – including sustainable living and work places, education, care, sport, and leisure. 

Successfully planning and investing for this, demands a through-life cross generational approach. The UKs National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) is working with a global network of Longevity Cities – leading on a data driven and human capital framework, innovating, co-designing products, services, and experiences to practically enable and unlock the potential of all businesses, high streets, and neighbourhoods. Harnessing the intelligence of citizens is pivotal to our approach – working closely together for decisive action.

Newcastle, an intelligent city of longevity was a finalist at the MIPIM Awards in 2020 and a £500m investment in a Centre for Ageing and Vitality belongs to this concept, and is one, very important part of Newcastle’s ambitions and commitment as a city of longevity – further cementing Newcastle as the ‘go-to place’ for ageing innovation.

Newcastle invites all cities to join us on this ambitious journey. Come along and find out more about our focus and commitment to what is needed, how we are pioneering what is possible for everybody to prosper, and live sustainable, healthier, longer lives – a blueprint for cities across the globe.

Key Speakers:

• Professor Nicola Palmarini | Director, UK’S National Innovation Centre for Ageing

• Professor Lynne Corner | Director of VOICE and COO at the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing

• Jane Robinson | Pro-Vice Chancellor of Engagement and Place, Newcastle University

• Pam Smith | Chief Executive, Newcastle City Council

Sponsored by: National Innovation Centre for Ageing

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