The rise of digital twins and urban data in smart cities: Indispensable tools?

Wednesday 11 March 2020 15.30-16.15

Invest Newcastle, Stand C19.C

Digital twins bridge the gap between real and virtual worlds. Simulated counterparts can model cities to help city leaders, developers and planners make informed decisions and understand how these impact residents and wider society.

Newcastle boasts one of the fastest growing tech sectors outside of London, and its Newcastle Helix project, a 24-acre, £350 million vibrant innovation district in Newcastle’s city centre, has been described as a living laboratory for urban sustainability. With the largest set of publicly available urban data in the world, what is the power of Newcastle Helix as a full-scale living laboratory, and how are other cities using this ‘indispensable’ tool?

The Rise of Digital Twins… will ultimately consider how these models can be used to create a better place for its people. What value do digital twins and urban data have for business and the built environment? How accurate are reports suggesting that the construction industry is yet to fully capitalise on the use of these tools? How effective can this data be in helping a city plan for its future? Can digital twins and urban data truly help cities unlock their full potential?

In partnership with Newcastle Helix

Confirmed speakers:

  • Chris Day, Vice-Chancellor and President, Newcastle University
  • Tom Warburton, Director of City Futures, Newcastle City Council
  • Simon Bedford, Partner and Head of Cities Advisory, Deloitte


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