At Newby we pride ourselves on creating unique homes which resonate in profound luxury and timeless interiors. We are a developer that undertakes a variety of land projects, land promotion, asset management, development management, development in its own right and land consultancy.

Founded in 2008, our success is built on a strong track record of meticulously planned design solutions and bespoke properties for our end user. We have built our reputation through taking pride in delivering unique, high quality and timeless designs, creating places that are each a projection of our and our end user’ vision.

Our ambition is to deliver projects that are truly relevant to the communities in which they are built. Newby maximises each scheme’s potential throughout the management and development process creating exemplary projects each time. Our agile structure and senior team credentials allow Newby the flexibility to work in joint venture arrangements for larger schemes but also resource its own activities in land acquisitions, financing, design and build.

Newby is astute in realising potential and value in any given project, it builds and maintains long lasting and trusting relationships with land owners, local authorities, financiers and consultants to create opportunities of great commercial value.