Established in 2012, Bloom specialise in bringing together a community of buyers and suppliers. The company provides a fully compliant end-to-end marketplace solution for the procurement, contract management and payment of all consultancy and professional services.

Connecting buyers and professional suppliers in a unique way, the Bloom marketplace enables buyers to manage services from a choice of regional and national suppliers at the lowest possible cost, whilst providing business opportunities for suppliers.

The Bloom marketplace was established to change the way professional services are sourced. Bloom have made great strides in the first step of this journey with the UK public sector. To date, Bloom have delivered significant outcomes for local communities and created efficiency savings of over £83 million for 360 public sector bodies.

Bloom’s mission is simple: to enable buying organisations to work with the best suppliers, to provide the best value, and to make the procurement of professional services far less complicated for all concerned.

Bloom are committed to creating sustainable social value; to date, 70% of their 6500+ projects have been delivered by SMEs, which has enabled customers to drive important growth back into local economies.

Bloom are the UK’s exclusive operator of the NEPRO³ professional services solution on behalf of NEPO (the North East Procurement Organisation). The solution was set up to help the public sector manage professional services spend whilst improving value for money. On average, buyers working with Bloom save between 11% and 19% against budget.