Newcastle is the economic capital of the region with a working-age population of over 1 million people within 30 minutes’ and two leading universities in the city centre. A city with innovation and technology at its heart, galvanised around strong leadership and great partnerships with business. There’s an investment pipeline of over £1.5bn and a raft of projects that will continue a transformation that’s already underway.  We know that it’s the quality and uniqueness of our strategic sites, and the physical environment spanning residential, leisure and retail communities that will drive forward economic and population growth to contribute over 14,000 new knowledge-led jobs over the next decade.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing cities and with thriving business services, tech and digital, offshore and subsea, and life sciences sectors, Newcastle has an internationally renowned reputation as one of the UK’s leading cities in which to invest, develop or locate.With a rich history and culture, Newcastle boasts several key assets that make it an attractive destination for investment, including leading research and innovation hubs, prestigious universities, and prime development sites.

At the heart of the city’s innovation ecosystem is Newcastle Helix, home to the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing and National Innovation Centre for Data, and also research powerhouses, Newcastle University and Northumbria University.

Newcastle’s investment proposition is built upon its strong research and innovation capabilities, prestigious universities, and prime development sites.

With its forward-thinking approach and supportive business environment, Newcastle is a city that is well-positioned to attract investment, drive inclusive economic growth and create exciting opportunities for many years to come.